Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Training and Auditing
  Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Training and Auditing 

Training and Exercise Program planning

In order to provide training to your organization employees and ensure the ability to recover from a disaster, a Training and Exercise Plan is needed. A Training and Exercise Plan details what training will be provided to employees, how often and the source for the training, usually in increments of 1, 2 and 3 years. This allows companies to integrate disaster preparedness, response and recovery programs into the overarching budgetary plans.


Exercises can be delivered in seminar, games, Tabletop, Functional and Full-Scale formats. Exercises are designed to test and evaluate all disaster related plans in your organization. Exercises are evaluated, with the results being used to update the disaster and training plans.


Resilience consultants are FEMA certified instructors for ICS courses


Resilience can offer the following Training and Exercise Program services:

  • Review of past emergency responses, Exercises and Training programs and Lessons Learned documents

  • Creation of a multi-year, FEMA approved Training and Exercise Program based on above review

  • Review of current Training and Exercise Plan

  • Suggest additional courses to enhance the program

Resilience provides the following exercises at the Workshop, Tabletop, Functional and Full Scale level:



  • Active Shooter drills

  • Community coalition building

  • Continuity of Operations/Government planning

Tabletop Exercises:

  • Active Shooter 

  • Terrorism response

  • Pandemic response

  • RSS exercises

  • Ebola response

  • Continuity of Operations 

  • Continuity of Government

Functional Exercises:

  • Fire drills

  • Active Shooter 

  • Terrorism response

  • RSS exercises

Full-Scale Exercises:

  • Public Health Emergency responses

  • Pandemics

  • Mass Vaccination clinics procedures

  • Mass Distribution clinic procedures

  • Full organizational disaster responses

  • Recieving, Storeage, Shipping based exercises

  • Contamination avoidance response

  • Radiation response

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