Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Training and Auditing
  Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Training and Auditing 

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We focus on helping government agencies, hospitals, non-profit organizations, businesses and corporations solve the complex challenges and decisions facing their company today. Resilience consultants have helped many clients to prepare for disasters, and to return to normal business operations as soon after a disaster as possible, through the use of Business Continuity planning, integration of emergency planning into everyday operations and adapting budgets to provide a seamless.

The key to enhancing any disaster preparedness program is the integration of the program into the company budget and training cycle with as little change as possible.


We integrate all work into the 4 stages of Emergency Management!


The 4 stages to a good emergency program include;

  • PREPARE: Preparation is needed in order to survive a disaster as well as to begin the recovery. Recovery planning begins in the prepardnes stage! This includes a good Risk Analysis, creating an Emegrency Operations Plan with supporting documents, and an integrated Business Recovery Plan.
  • RESPOND: When the disaster strikes, the differance between being preparde and loss of life and business can often be measures in minutes. What you do in the Preparedness stage will many times increase your organization's ability to protetct your employees and customers, and to begin to recover faster than your competitors.
  • RECOVER: Recovery can take a long time. Your customers need your services as oon as possible. How soon will you be able to provide those services will depend on how well your organizational preparations were conducted in the first two stages.
  • MITIGATE: Mitigation takes place at every step of the process. If a simple solution can be found for a vulnerability, taking steps to lessen or eleminate the vulnerability will cost you far less in the Mitigation stage than in the Recovery stage.

Our newest Programs!

Comprehensive Ebola Preparedness Workshop for Hospitals

This day long workshop is created with your hospital needs as a basis. The workshop includes a review and/or construction of an integrated response plan specifically directed to an Ebola outbreak.

     Our Services at a Glance

Resilience can provide:

  • PPE Donning and Doffing
  • Includes Cross Contamination avoidance training
  • Tabletop exercises 
  • Planning and Training assistance
  • Emergency Decontamination training

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