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  Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Training and Auditing 

       Emergency Operations Planning

Using the Hazard and Vulnerability Assesment, Resilience consulatnts will create an organizational specific Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).


The EOP contains:

  • Basic Plan: (details how your organization will provide command and control of any responses and recovery efforts). This part of the plan is what details scarce resource allocation and coordination with outside agencies.
  • General Annexes: (these detail procedures what each of your organization departments will play in the preparedness, response and recovery efforts).
  • Hazard specific Annexes (details how your organization will respond to hazards identified in the Hazard and Vulnerability Assesment)
    • Standard Operating Procedures: (detail procedures that your organization will follow in order to accomplish tasks listed in the Annexes)
    • Checklists: (details steps to operate certain equipment and computer tasks needed to acomplish response and recovery related tasks).
    • SOP's and Checklists provide redundency throughout the organization.



Our Services at a Glance

Resilience can offer the following services:

  • Development of a Emergency Operations Plan if none exist, to include the development of a Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment. 
  • Current Emergency Operations Plan review, including Points of Contact, location adresses and staffing allocation review.
  • Review of supporting documents, such as Mitigation Plans, Training and Exercise Plans and competency documentation review.

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